Saturday Workshop #2

The Physiology of Flexibility

14:00pm - 17:30pm

Understanding how to increase your flexibility safely and effectively can be very challenging; not because the concepts are difficult to understand, but because many factors contribute to flexibility. This workshop will help you understand how to maximize your efforts. During the course, we will weave through lectures and practice to understand what myofascia is and its qualities, such as elasticity, viscoelasticity (slow and fast properties), plasticity, glide, and remodeling, and how our genetics play a significant role in our flexibility. We will move through the physiology and practice of active vs. passive stretching, monoarticular vs. polyarticular stretching, and end-range neuromuscular activation. The workshop is highly informative and will open the mind and the body to the complexities of flexibility.

(3.5-hour workshop) All Levels