Prana Deep Dive

15:30pm - 19:00pm

Dive deep into meditative breath and movement through the profound journey of a prana-focused practice.This workshop begins

with an energtic sequenced pranayama breath flow. Then through in-depth lecture, we will explore the techniques and benefits of

pranayama with a deep focus on Kumbhaka (breath retention) concentrating on both the western physiological and

anatomical properties as well as the eastern more spiritual, meditative qualities of the practice. We then combine these two practices

as we move through the mudras of the prana vayus in a profoundly energetic flow that melds breath retention to movement. The

workshop then dives deeper, submerging into stretches that focus on expanding the mind and the myofascial meridians.

When we combine this specific style of breath retention with active stretching, it allows us to surrender into the sympathetic nervous

system while increasing our range of motion, promoting joint health and nervous system function while benefiting from our

kumbhaka pranayama.  This workshop is a powerful introspective journey that will plunge us into a deep meditative state of well-being.


(3.5 Hour Workshop) All Levels