M.I.A Yoga - Myofascial Integrated Alignment Master Class


Not your typical vinyasa class. Myofascial Integrated Alignment is a holistic approach to sequencing vinyasa yoga with the primary focus of restoring healthy natural alignment by balancing myofascial meridians (tension lines of muscles & fascia.)

We focus on stimulating and building fascial properties (i.e., elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity, glide, creep, etc.) increasing strength and mobility to allow growth and optimal recovery. We will also stray away from traditional yoga alignment by "tuning" postures to maximize the pose's potential within the focused myofascial meridian.

To develop kinetic freedom, we combine this with spatial awareness, balance, and full-range-of-motion movements. Ascend towards arm balances and handstands, with options given to modify and play along the way.

(3-hour Vinyasa class) All Levels