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Team CCY

Get to know the teaching team at CCY Studio


Casey Chiang

Founder & Owner and Head Teacher

The meaning of my life is to define it and the purpose of my life is to share it. My mission around yoga has been to share it with as many people as I can. Share the endless health benefits it has brought to my life and the incredible friends I have connected with over the years and to create a clearing for the community of yogins.

The new yoga studio is a place where you are not alone and where we can all come together and connect as one.

To me Yoga is about balance and harmony.
It is the practice of recognizing dualities: Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon); masculine and feminine; Yin and Yang; Sthira (effort) and Sukha (ease); create space and to find depth. Balance is to find the centre where the opposites meet. Harmony, is where the dualities work together to find oneness of the universe.


I hope the new studio will bring harmony into each of your lives.

One of my favorite quotes:
My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. ~ Maya Angelou

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Renelle Rampersad

Teacher & Photographer

Yoga is my constant.

My ‘return to factory settings’

It helps keep me balanced, strong, fit - always excited when I have ‘that Goldilocks feeling’ after class.

I hope to share this with my students when they step on to their mats.


My first teacher training was with ISHTA - 500 hours, then I proceeded to join Ana Forrest for her advanced training course in Cape Town.


I have completed over 200 hours with Forrest mentor Sandra Robinson- this includes workshops, CET - continued education for teachers - as well as 5 yoga retreats in the beautiful town of Prince Albert where all my passions combine - yoga, exquisite food and my love for travel and photography.


I have two amazing cats that keep me on my toes and who love playing on mine and my husband's mats during home or online practices.


My favourite quote : Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you- Walt Whitman

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Yushan Wu


This life is mine alone. So I have stopped asking people for directions to places they've never been – Glennon Doyle


I became a yoga student in 2008 & have not stopped exploring the practice since; this includes during my pregnancy and as a balance to my professional life.

I'm deeply inspired by the teachers & personalities that have guided my practice - this led me to complete a 200-hour YTT (Casey Chiang Yoga), while I was finishing-up my doctoral studies. I continue to explore my journey through courses such as: pregnancy yoga, self mastery & yoga philosophy and Forrest Yoga CET (Sandra Robinson as mentor).

I hope that those who join my vinyasa-style classes are able to explore a sense of play, and more importantly, find a deeper understanding of themselves & their individual power.

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Diana Fu


My first yoga experience was in 2017. I was very athletic but I had zero flexibility and upper body strength - I could not touch my knees without rounding my back and I could not do ladies' pushups. My initial intention of doing yoga was purely for the physical health benefits, until I realised that yoga is not just about the physical practice, it is a way of life. My teachers inspired me to practise yoga consistently, which led me to complete my 200 hour teacher training with Living Yoga in 2019. I continued to explore the different styles and aspects of yoga and further completed 300 hour advanced teacher training course with Casey Chiang Yoga in 2022. 


Yoga for me is a self-discovery journey. I am fortunate to have incredible teachers and mentors, Sarah Bentz and Casey Chiang, who have guided me through my yoga journey.  Through the yoga practice, it shows me how my perception, preference, resistance and fear affects my mind, emotions and body, on and off the mat. Yoga keeps me grounded, calm and at ease during hard and difficult times and at the same time it offers me opportunity to heal, grow and overcome obstacles. Other times, yoga makes me feel happy, inspired and determined.


Yoga is for everyone and I hope to share what I have gained and learned with you. 

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Jenny Beron


Despite never having practiced yoga before, a group of friends and I decided to embark on a yoga retreat, preparing with classes led by my son, Jamie. This experience sparked a profound love for the practice, encompassing not just the physical aspects but also the history, philosophy, chanting, and community spirit that drew me to my mat every day.


In 2019, I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training with Sarah Bentz, to whom I am enormously grateful. This training inspired me to complete several other modules with her and various other teachers, each enriching my life in unique ways.


Yoga provides the tools to live with kindness, compassion, and love, fostering deep gratitude for every moment. I am inspired to share my passion for yoga with you and look forward to meeting you on your mats.


“Here I am, where I am meant to be. Headed to where I am destined to be. Living through all that’s best for me. Said my heart, to the rest of me” – Suhaib Rumi

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Mandy Bass


I am a mom and wife who’s world revolves around family. I cherish the closeness I share with all my family, with my mom as my best friend and my husband as my absolute rock my sisters and dad all share a heartwarming bond.

One of my favorite things is spending time with my little boy. I also enjoy reading, drawing, crafting and crocheting – and doing yoga of course!

Yoga has been my one constant in my life. What started out as a hobby, became a life line providing balance and grounding. Whenever I’d spiral out with my ADHD it was yoga that helped me manage my symptoms and find my center and peace again.

When my amazing husband suggested I do a yoga teacher training a dream suddenly became reality, turning passion into profession. I am so fortunate to have completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Casey and the team in 2023.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat to disconnect with the chaos, connect with yourself, have a little fun and find a little peace.

Chloe Russell


There’s one yoga quote that I absolutely live by: ”You stop doing yoga, and you start becoming yoga”. It’s one that’s always stuck with me in my personal practice and in my teachings.

I’ve always believed that yoga is a tool to support us - within and without - with every thing we strive for in our lives. It’s a tool that will drastically improve each aspect of our wellbeing through the embodiment,  an authentic, genuine embodiment of the practice.

Yoga truly is the practice of the self, toward the self, and the more I’ve practiced, the more trainings I’ve done, the more I’ve taught, it’s brought me closer to myself, more than any other practice I’ve embodied. It is my constant (other than my husband and my dear son) and it’s permitted me the space to explore and to embody what works for me, for us, for you.

I began practicing yoga in 2013, and it was only in 2016 when I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training. The style was Ashtanga, and I fell in love. The repetitive nature of the practice alone benefitted my ADHD - greatly. However, after years of practice, and then training in Yin Yoga, Womb Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Sound Healing, my understanding of yoga shifted greatly, and toward supporting Women in a yogic environment, an environment initially created by men for men.

My practice is an embodiment of yin, of shakti, of our divine feminine. An amalgamation of my experiences, and my trainings, benefiting both men and women. This is an opportunity to reconnect with our divine feminine in a divinely masculine driven world. Restoring balance, both within and without.

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Jordan Beron


My yoga journey began almost by chance when my brother, needing to practice his teaching, introduced me to intense 1-on-1 classes. This experience transformed my understanding of myself and the world, bringing clarity and a deeper connection with myself and others.


I believe yoga teaches us to live from a place of love and compassion. By becoming conscious of our movement and breath, we learn to be present and actively engage with our lives. This practice offers a profound understanding of our thoughts and true selves.


Inspired by the gifts yoga has brought into my life, I strive to impart the same joy to my students. I have been formally trained in Vinyasa and Hatha traditions, and I have completed a mentorship with Jivamukti teacher, Sarah Bentz. My classes honour these lineages, focusing on connecting movement to breath. I design sequences to be both challenging and accessible, working through specific pose categories or building to peak poses, to accommodate students of all levels.

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